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In the F5J competition class, the aim is to fly a remote-controlled glider with an electric motor for 10 minutes from as low a take-off altitude as possible and then aim for a spot landing.

The running time of the motor is limited to a maximum of 30 seconds. The take-off altitude is measured by a technical device in the glider and sanctioned with a point deduction.

The combination of the flight time, the accuracy of the landing and the deduction for the take-off altitude achieved results in the score for the respective flight.

Depending on the weather conditions and the skill of the pilot, this task is sometimes mastered from a starting altitude of less than 10 metres.

The pilots‘ goal is to find and use even the smallest updrafts (thermals), otherwise the specified flight duration of 10 minutes cannot be achieved.

F5J planes usually have a wingspan between 3.5 and 4 metres. They are mostly made of carbon fibre, which allows a flying weight of starting at 1,000 grams. However, wooden planes are also sometimes used.

Within a few years, F5J has become one of the most popular competition classes. In 2019, over 500 pilots took part in 26 competitions of CONTEST Eurotour F5J in many European countries.

In 2018, the first European Championship took place, in 2019 the first World Championship.

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F5J Tourmanager (2024 – …… )

My name is Andreas Freundl, born in 1967 in Gehrden near Hanover / Northern Germany. I grew up there “in” my parents’ mechanical engineering business as the youngest of 4 children and my enthusiasm for technology was literally born in my cradle. The company was my playground and so I grew up between Lego bricks, machine tools, drawing boards for construction and electronic components for machine controls. As a child I learned to program with the first programmable calculators and computers available at the time. As a teenager, I built the first testing machine control with programmable logic controls and wrote measurement data acquisition software for testing machines in research. I later studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Hanover. Today, as a degreed engineer, I lead the family business through the 2nd generation.

Andreas Freundl

I first got into model flying at the age of 13 at school through a model helicopter group and then found my way to model gliding through a school friend. Although I also built motorized aerobatic models and flew them in a few competitions, the silent gliding in the thermals with model gliders became my passion and so as a teenager I participated successfully in many competitions, including winning the German Youth Championship in 1984.

Because of my studies, job and later family, I didn’t get to fly again for many years, until my children were fascinated by finding my old models in the cellar of our house in 2012 and my wife said that I „have to“ go flying with my children now… My children quickly learned to fly and then took part in F5J competitions with me. As a German-Brazilian family, we founded the F5J Team Gerbrany and have since then taken part in many international F5J competitions on the CONTEST Eurotour. My children even took part alternating in the F5J European Championships 2018 in Bulgaria and the F5J World Championships 2019 in Slovakia and 2023 in Bulgaria for Germany and Brazil respectively. Hereby I took on a lot of organizational tasks for the national teams in the background, acted as a helper for my children and took on public relations work including of publishing several reports in Model aircraft magazines.

With the previous F5J CONTEST Tourmanager Uwe Weiß and his son Jan-Niclas, we flew many F5J competitions together. Now that Uwe is no longer actively participating in F5J competitions, he has asked me to take over his duties as F5J CONTEST Tourmanager. Since my family and I have always received support and encouragement from so many others in the F5J scene, it is an honor for me to take on this task and I also see it as my obligation to do my part in preserving and promoting this fascinating sport with its exciting competitions.

In order to realize this in the best possible way in the interests of everyone, I would be very happy to receive suggestions, ideas and criticism from the organizers and participating pilots.

Therefore I am available at any time via the contact email address tm.f5j@contest-modellsport.de.

Kind regards

Andreas Freundl

F5J Tourmanager (2018 – 2023)

Uwe Weiß started model flying in 1976. After a long break, he has been active again since 2008, and since 2015 was also been competing in the F5J class and recently also F5K. His goal is to have fun and to annoy the „big ones“ a little from time to time.

Uwe Weiß

Former F5J Tourmanager ( …… – 2017)

As one of the original founders of the CONTEST Eurotour, Alexander Wunschheim was, among other things, F5J Tourmanager until 2017

Alexander Wunschheim

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