Competition Category F5B

Competition Category F5B

New overall results F5B 2024

Detailed F5B competition results Meggenhofen 2024

F5B winners Meggenhofen 2024

from left to right: 2nd place Guntmar Rüb (GER), 1st place Heiko Greiner (GER) 3rd place Thomas Wäckerlin (SUI)

First F5B competition F5B in 2024

Detailed results from the contest Wasserburg/GER F5B

The Winners F5B Wasserburg:

from left to right: 2nd place Heiko Greiner (GER), 1st place Thomas Wäckerlin (SUI) 3rd place Guntmar Rüb (GER)

    The Winners 2023:

    The winners of the F5B Contest Eurotour 2023:
    from left to right:
    2. Heiko Greiner (GER), 1. Thomas Wäckerlin (SUI), 3. Guntmar Rüb (GER)

    2023 F5B final results:

    2023 detailed F5B results Uetze:

    2023 detailed F5B results Ricketwil:

    2023 detailed F5B results Bad Brückenau:

    2023 detailed F5B results Meggenhofen:

    2023 detailed F5B results Thumaide:

    2022 final F5B results:

    3. Platz Heiko Greiner / GER, 1. Platz Gerben van Berkum / NED, 2. Platz Thomas Wäckerlin / SUI

    F5B Detailed results San Vittore:

    F5B Detailed results Thumaide:

    F5B-Detailed results Meggenhofen:

    F5B-Detailed results Bad Brückenau:

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