Here you will find all CONTEST dates for the upcoming and current competition season.


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Open German Championships F3J 22. April 2023

Kattenhochstatt Modellflugplatz Kattenhochstatt, Weissenburg Kattenhochstatt, Bayern

Worldcup and CONTEST Eurotour competition Entry possible from Feb. 01. 2023 One day competition (30.- EUR seniors, 15.- juniors) Overnight staying until Sunday possible Single participants without winches or unpractised with starting procedures are welcomed and will be assigned to an experienced group.    


Fribourg’s Trophy F3J 13.-14- May 2023

Düdingen (Switzerland) Jetschwil, Düdingen

CIAM World Cup and CONTEST Eurotour competition Individual competition: Seniors / Juniors / Ladies mixed Group competition: Groups of 3 will be formed. Please register as a group when registering. Do not form groups of more than one country. There will be 2 groups of 3 per starting place. We have enough launch cells. We…


Hollandglide F3J 12.-13- Aug. 2023

Oosterland (The Netherlands)

F3J Worldcup and CONTEST Eurotour competition General informations from 2022 CONTEST:

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