Competition Category F3K

Competition Category F3K

What is F3K?

F3K is simple: take a small RC-glider, throw it in the air and have fun πŸ˜‰

Well, you might expect to read a lot about F3K here, but the best way to get an impression about F3K is to watch this nice video from the F3K World Championship 2013 in Denmark:

Upcoming CONTEST Events

Here are the provisional competition dates F3K 2024, which have not yet been confirmed by the FAI


Contest Eurotour F3K final results 2023

If you see an incorrect result please do not hesitate to contact me.


Notes on scoring / New from 2024:

Bonus points will not be included depending on the number of participants as in 2023. In 2023 it became apparent that these bonus points resulted in a minimal change to the usual 100% points rule. Furthermore, organizers of smaller competitions fear that this will make small competitions less attractive.

Several competitions can be held per country. Only the best result from this country is included in the Eurotour ranking.

The pre-competition for a European Championship or a World Championship is an exception. Since a greatly expanded field of participants can be expected, these competitions are included in the result list, even if a second competition takes place in the same country.

Contest Eurotour F3K results 2023

1 CoppaVoli / Tetti Neirotti / Italy … results

2 BreznCup / Munich / Germany … results

3 Zielona Gora / Poland … results

4 Nancy / France … results

5 Nakotne Cup / LAT … results

6 Harghita Cup / ROU … results

7 Windpark Open Uetze / GER … results

8 Fizir Cup Ludbreg / CRO … results

9 Martin Cup / SVK … results … canceled

10 Swinging Denmark Brande / DEN …

11 Romania 100 Sanpetru / ROU … results

12 Stockhorntrophy Thun / SUI … results

13 Laugaricio Cup Trencin / SVK … results … canceled

14 Zerbst Cup / GER … results

Here you can find a statistical analysis of this year’s F3K Contest Eurotour competitions:

Number of Competitions: 12

Number of Participants: 231

Number of Juniors: 24

Number of Tasks flown: 154





F3K Eurotour competitions 2023

Contest Eurotour F3K results 2022

F3K Tourmanager

Mario Brandner, born 1965. He lives in Salzburg, Austria. Model pilot since 1977. At first active in the competition classes F3F and F3B. Then for a long time „only“ hobby model pilot. And now for several years active again in the classes F5L, F3K and F5J.

Achim Streit handed over the task of Eurotour team manager F3K to me. I hope I can continue his work well.

Mario Brandner

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