Competition Category F3K

Competition Category F3K

What is F3K?

F3K is simple: take a small RC-glider, throw it in the air and have fun 😉

Well, you might expect to read a lot about F3K here, but the best way to get an impression about F3K is to watch this nice video from the F3K World Championship 2013 in Denmark:

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CONTEST results F3K 2022

F3K Kalender 2023

Tourkalender 2023 - Stand November 2022
Tourkalender 2023 – Stand November 2022

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F3K Tourmanager

Mario Brandner, born 1965. He lives in Salzburg, Austria. Model pilot since 1977. At first active in the competition classes F3F and F3B. Then for a long time „only“ hobby model pilot. And now for several years active again in the classes E-RES, F3K and F5J.

Achim Streit handed over the task of Eurotour team manager F3K to me. I hope I can continue his work well.

Mario Brandner

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