Competition Category F3L

Competition Category F3L

What is F3L?

F3L is a competition class of the FAI that has emerged from RES sailplane models. These models are exclusively controlled by rudder, elevator, and spoiler, giving them a simple design. Despite their straightforward construction, they deliver impressive performance and provide pure model sports enjoyment, both in competitions and during relaxed thermal soaring.

Competition rules dictate that the models must have a maximum wingspan of 2 meters and primarily be constructed from wood (with only a few components allowed in carbon fiber or fiberglass). The two-axis control with rudder and elevator is mandatory.

This time-target competition requires pilots to land their models precisely on a designated spot after a bungee launch, aiming for a 6-minute flight duration. The flight time begins after releasing from the towline and concludes either upon the model’s standstill on the ground or at the end of the 9-minute time frame, which is 3 minutes longer than the actual flight task. This extended time frame allows for multiple launches within this period, providing participants with a variety of tactical options for their scoring.

The winner is determined through a fly-off, for which pilots must qualify through preliminary rounds.

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