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What is F3G?

F3G is an exciting, young, new FAI model soaring competion class with electric motor where pilots in combination with their high-end gliders need to master three quite opposite tasks.

  • Duration – 10 minutes soaring flight with precision landing
  • Distance – Complete as many 150 meter labs as possible within 4 minutes
  • Speed – Master four times a 150 meter route as quickly as possible

This requires great allrounder capabilities by the pilot but also by the modell used.

Duration and Distance is flown head on head in groups of 4-10 pilots at the same time to eliminate the influence of varying weather conditions, providing additional tactical elements and excitement.

The FAI F3G rules are describing a set of guardrails to provide all pilots an equal „playing field“. These are

  • Minimum model wingspan: 2.8 meter
  • Minimum wing-loading: 35g/dm2
  • Maximum energy: 350 Wmin
  • Maximum motor run-time: 30 seconds
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F3G Models

A broad variety of models are used in F3G competitions. They are mostly existing, state of the art, F3B models (as the rules are quite similar) with a special fuselage, designed specificaly to provide space for the electrical motor, ESC and batteries.

F3G Power Trains

Electrical motors, ESC, props, batteries are provided by a variety of different manufacturers. Various „sets“ and configuration have been proven to be competitive and compliant with the F3G rules. As a rule of thumb – a optimized power train will enable the model loaded to 3 kg to reach 370 meters in 30 seconds.

Task – Speed

The goal is to fly 4-times a 150 meter lap as quickly as possible. The time is measured from entry at base-A in the direction of base-B until the exit at base-A again.
Additional weight is added to the model to maintain speed and the energy. Typical 14-15 seconds are achieved by the top pilots.

Task – Distance

During task Distance pilots fly as many 150 meter laps as possible within the task time of 4 minutes. Distance is flown in groups of 3-6 pilots in parallel, allowing interesting tactical decisions.

Task – Duraion

Duration is closely aligned with F5J. Here the pilot needs to fly 10 minutes and complete the task with a precision landing for extra points. To make duration even more „challenging“ the start altitude (with motor) is substracted from the time flown. In a nutshell – the goal ist to flay 600 seconds with the minum start height possible.

F3G Contest Eurotour 2024

The following F3G competitions will be part of the 2024 Contest Eurotour

11 – 12 May 2024Kulmbach F3G & F3B (D)Results
1 – 2 June 2024Colmar Elsass E-Trophy (F)Results
15 – 16 June 2024Brno (CZ)Results
6 – 7 July 2024Anthisnes (B)Registration Open
17 – 18 August 2024Jehnedi (CZ)
7 – 8 September 20241st Ampere Flyer Cup Munich (D)Registration Open

Ranking & Winner 2024
The final ranking and the winner of the F3G Contest Eurotour 2024 will be announced at the last 2024 competition, 7-8th September 2024 in Munich and compiled as follows – The three best results of a pilot will be added resulting in the pilots final score.

Ranking 2024 F3G Contest Eurotour

What an exciting 2024 F3G Contest Eurotour.
Last weekend we completed the 4th of 6th competitions 2024 in Anthisnes Belgium. Now Denis Duchesne (former F3B World Champion) has taken the lead followed by Sebastian Haase and Stefan Eder.
There are still 2 competitions this year and many competitors can step up with strong scores.

F3G Final Results 2023

The Winner of the 2023 F3G Contest Eurotour is Petr Fusek.
Second Sebastian Haase followed by 3rd Tim Bischof, who just started F3G this year.
Congratulations to all Pilots and a big thank you to the organizers.

The Winner of the 2023 and 2022 F3G Contest Eurotour is Petr Fusek. Congratulations!

F3G Result 2023 (FINAL – after 3 of 3 competitions)

Launch of Hans-Peter Haase by his helper (and son) Sebastian Haase for Speed
Denis Duchesne (1st right) at Speed supported by Jan Timmermans (middle) and Steeve Hansoulle (left)

F3G Tourmanager

My passion for RC planes started when I was 9-10 years old.
After various sailplanes I got attracted by electric-sailplanes (todays F5B) and related competitions in whole Europe.
Later I turned to F3B at the time where winches havent been limited.
After a couple of national and international competitions I turned to hanggliding, which I enjoyed for the next 15 years.
My passion for RC models returned at the beginning of this century and I started with RES (F3L) where I designed and built various RES models and attended numerous competitions.
2019 during the Oktoberfestpokal in Munich I saw the first F3G competition and got immediately excited. Unluckily due to Covid it took until late 2021 to attend my first F3G competition in Colmar (F) where I finsihed 3rd.
My goal is to establish F3G as an exciting and attractive competition class across Europe, supporting interested pilots and orgaizers to take the hurdle starting to enjoy this amazing class.

Harald Viehweger
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