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What is F3B?

The FAI has divided model flying into classes and grouped them under the F register. The 3 stands for the fact that the model aircraft are remote-controlled and the B for the fact that they are not powered, i.e. they are gliders. Behind the designation F3B are comprehensive regulations, which are only briefly described here: glider models suitable for use in the F3B class have wingspans of around three metres and a mass of around two kilograms. Such models are partly produced in small series and can be purchased, or they are built by the pilots themselves using state-of-the-art materials. Three different flight tasks must be completed with one and the same model, namely time, distance and speed flight. The first two tasks are flown in groups. In speed flight, one takes off after the other. These three tasks denote one round.

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Start – a dynamic feat of strength. The glider models are started on electric winches. These winches are limited in power to ensure equality of opportunity. The high-launch ropes are made of polyamide and have a diameter of between 1.0 and 1.4 millimetres. Depending on wind, weather and technology, the heights achieved are between 200 and 350 metres. The models are subjected to 30 times the acceleration due to gravity when they are released.

Duration – performance in direct comparison. Up to ten pilots must complete a ten-minute time flight with a final target landing within a twelve-minute time frame. Deviations from the target time as well as an inaccurate landing will result in points being deducted. The best pilot in the group receives 1000 points, the others proportionally less.

Distance – Exciting races. A 150-metre course must be flown through as many times as possible within four minutes. Groups of up to five pilots have seven minutes to make tactical decisions. Acoustic and optical signals indicate to the pilots that a route has been flown through.
Here, too, the best group receives 1000 points.

Speed – Pure nerve. In this task, the 150-metre course must be flown through four times as fast as possible. This task must be completed within a time frame of four minutes. The world record (link: is 12.93 seconds, which corresponds to an average speed of 180 km/h. The best pilot will receive the coveted prize.
Here, the best flier receives the coveted 1000 points.

Text: Hans-Peter Gölz (translated by CONTEST)

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F3B Tourmanager

Thomas Schorb, was born on 28.01.1964 and is a graduate engineer in surveying in real life. He lives near Karlsruhe/Germany and leads the Modellfluggruppe Pfinztal e.V. there. Furthermore he is vice chairman of GPS-Triangle, member of the LOGO-Team and IG F3B Switzerland. He has been doing model flying since 1979. He has been doing competition model flying in F3B since 1989, GPS Triangle SLS, 1:3 since 2016, GPS Triangle Sport since 2018 and F3G since 2019.

His greatest achievements in the past:
2001 1st place F3B contest / pre-competition to the F3B World Championship in Chrudim, CZE, Team manager of the Swiss national team at the World Championships 1999 and 2003 to 2017 with several podium places in the individual and team rankings
2004 German Champion Large Glider DMFV
2004 12th place annual ranking F3B Contest
2009 1st place F3B Contest Arnhem, NED
2010 3rd place German Championship F3B
2012 2nd place German Championship F3B
2012 7th place annual ranking F3B Contest
2013 3rd place German Championship F3B
2013 9th place annual ranking F3B Contest
2019 7th place annual ranking GPS Triangle Sport Class Contest.

His goals are: The promotion of model aviation on an international level, exchange with like-minded people, fun and enjoyment of the competitions.

Thomas Schorb


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