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F5J CONTEST Eurotour – Update 05.02.2024

Following please find the latest version of the “F5J CONTEST Eurotour – Calendar 2024 – Last Update 05.02.2024 1200”: On our own behalf.Actualization of Sponsors 2024.The Contest Eurotour will…

F5J CONTEST Eurotour Calendar 2024 is online

Here you can download the current Version of the Calender 2024: The next update will be published on 04.02.2024 And here you can find all data in our online…

F5J: Tommaso Bebi winner of Eurotour 2023

With a third place at final competition of CONTEST Eurotour F5j in Lamia/Greece, Tommaso Bebi from Italy secured the overall victory of CONTEST Eurotour F5J 2023. Congratulations! Marko Gala from…

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