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F5J City Cup Holic

April 30/May 1 City cup F5J was held in Holic/Slovakia. 62 pilots from 6 countries met to fight for the much desired CONTEST wing cup. After the preliminary rounds Radek…

F5J Overall Ranking

Contest Eurotour F5J overall ranking after 3 competitions

Bulgaria Cup F5J

Julian Benz wins at Dupnitsa On April 30/May 1 54 pilots from eight different countries met in Dupnitsa to fight for Bulgaria Cup F5J. After 7 preliminary rounds world champion…

F5J Coppa Italia

On 09 and 10.04.2022 ,60 pilots from 6 countries met at Tetti Neirotti near Torino to open the CONTEST Eurotour F5J season. Unfortunately, on Saturday due to the strong wind…

What is F5J?

In the F5J competition class, the aim is to fly a remote-controlled glider with an electric motor for 10 minutes from as low a take-off altitude as possible and then…

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