F5J CONTEST Eurotour – Update 21.03.2024

F5J CONTEST Eurotour – Update 21.03.2024

Following please find the latest version of the “F5J CONTEST Eurotour – Calendar 2024 – Last Update 21.03.2024 1700”:


On our own behalf.
Actualization of Sponsors 2024.
The Contest Eurotour will change step by step the “look and feel” of the advertising for our sponsors at all competition categories (F3B, F3F, F3G, F3J, F3K, F3L, F5B, F5F, F5J, Acro and GPS) to make the advertising more effective and more visible.

Maybe one of you would also like to get involved in sponsoring the CONTEST Eurotour or do you know someone who would be interested?
Since the homepage is continuously updated, interested parties can also get involved in sponsorship during the current year.
Sponsors from all over Europe are warmly welcome.
Please let me know if you or someone you know are interested.

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