Horst Kropka

Horst Kropka

one of the founders of the CONTEST Eurotour and previous editor of the model sports magazine AUFWIND, has passed away

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The Aufwind owner and publisher passed away on March 2nd. He was 63 years old. The funeral took place in the closest circle of family, friends and companions. Horst Kropka leaves behind his wife Barbara. As an active F3B pilot and experienced media professional, Horst Kropka took over the model sports magazine Aufwind at the beginning of 1994. The magazine, which had been completely run down by the previous owner, was continued by him with a breath of fresh air, new topics and a lot of personal enthusiasm. Horst Kropka was also significantly involved in the creation and development of today’s F3K model sports class. The first hand-launch competitions he organized in the Allgäu are unforgettable. By founding the CONTEST Eurotour, he also created an international competition platform for model sports, which is now operated by the Model Aviation Association of Germany e.V. (MFSD). I joined the magazine in February 1996 and took over editorial support over the years. Together with my large team of authors and photographers, I was able to develop our Aufwind into the leading model sports magazine for gliding and electric flight in close collaboration with Horst Kropka. Aufwind will continue to exist and appear unchanged. More than a year ago I spoke to Horst Kropka about the future of the magazine. Because he wanted to make the transition to his well-deserved retirement long-term so that he could devote more time than before to his beloved nature photography and sporting activities in the beautiful nature of the Allgäu. But it should have been a warm transition. The far too early death of Horst Kropka shocked and deeply affected us all. I have completely taken over the editorship of the model sports magazine AUFWIND and will continue to run the magazine in the usual manner and quality. I am optimistic about the future and have made all the necessary decisions in the last 14 days. The next issue 3/2024 will appear on time.

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